Hurry up and Wait

imagesAs I grow older I sometimes am taken prisoner by a strong sense of hurry and rush.  That may seem odd to say.  Usually older people seem more relaxed.  And I am more relaxed with many things – thankfully.  However, over the years I have had a stronger and stronger sense of not wasting the time that I have left.  There is just so much to do – and so little time.  So Becky and I pursued our call to Bogotá with great vigor (well pretty great vigor).  We received a call from Mission to the World and we jumped into raising our support and improving our Spanish.

But our Heavenly Father had other things in mind.  Life happened.  So many difficult providences within our close family captured all of our attention; and our plans were put on hold.  We were told to wait.  And that has been hard.  I turned 60 in March.  Doesn’t God know that I don’t have too many years of ministry left?  Doesn’t He recognize the importance of my plans?  Doesn’t He realize how much we are needed in Latin America?

I guess not.

At sixty years of age I still have so much to learn.  I need to trust my kind and wise Heavenly Father.  I need to have confidence in His plans.  The extra months that we have had here with family, serving and suffering together, has been good – and right.  Bogotá is not going anywhere.  We will get there.  But I am still learning to wait.

We are moving forward to serve in Latin America.  We are still confident in the Lord’s call upon our lives there.  And we are excited.  We are back to pursuing this.  But we are learning a bit more about what it means to follow Him.  You see, that is all that we are told to do.  Follow Him.  He has his own time for all things.  He had his own time for my brother’s death.  He had his own plan for my brother’s pain and suffering.  I don’t know or understand why.  But God graciously allowed us to be here.  And for that I am so thankful and grateful.  He is sovereign; and He is good.  So, we are learning to wait.

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