On eating well (or not)…

I love food.

So, as I have been working hard at losing weight (well, not that hard lately) I need to really attack this issue head on.  I love to eat out.  I love my wife’s cooking.  I love my mother-in-law’s cooking.  I love to snack (ice cream is my favorite thing).  The one thing that I know that I finish well is a meal.

Here is my favorite food:

Here is my second favorite food:

So, this week my trainer wants me to give her a list of everything that I eat.  This could be embarrassing.  Hopefully not…  Today I ate a banana and a breakfast bar.  I have brought some carrots to work for lunch.  Dinner… well, we are meeting my in-laws at the club for $5.00 hamburger night.  We’ll have to see how that goes.

The one saving grace in this is that I do like salads, but my salads are not what you could call low-fat.  I mean how can you beat a salad bar with three different types of cheese, bacon, croutons, and nuts? Of course, ranch or honey mustard dressings are the best.

Strawberry Street Cafe (Richmond, VA) has the absolute best salad bar.

The thing about salads is that they are as low fat and/or healthy as you make them.  There is no Breyers ice cream at the salad bar, but there is this:

This is my other favorite thing to eat.  And every salad bar seems to have cheese.  Strawberry Street Cafe has cheddar and feta cheese as well as a feta cheese vinaigrette for the dressing.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.  But…

Anyway, I need to start my list for the trainer.  I hope that I don’t embarrass myself.

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  1. Cheese is a huge weakness for me, too! Luckily I’ve found some good low fat cheeses that are very good.

    $5 burger night? Jealous.

    Hang in there. It’s worth it!

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