Self Control, Pizza and the Gym

I have lost 34 pounds since Christmas (still 24 to go).  My weight had gotten to an all time high; and I knew that I must do something.  Also, a few weeks ago the doctor told me that my cholesterol was a problem and that my sugar levels were at the high end of normal.  I have done pretty well on watching what and when I eat; and I have been walking a lot over the last few weeks.  The other night I had a great pizza.  Becky wisely only ate half of hers and took the rest home in a box.  I unwisely ate all of mine (I did the same thing when I ate with my brother last week).  It was really, really good.  My restraint is somewhat sporadic.  So, on the way home we walked into the local Gold’s Gym and I signed up.  Now I just need to make sure that I go.  We’ll see just how disciplined I can be.

Part of finishing well will need to be taking care of my body.  I mean, I could get hit by a truck, fall down the stairs, have a heart attack or get cancer (or some obscure, terminal disease) and die at any moment; but I don’t want to die because I am stupid or lack self-control.  That would be a waste.

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  1. When you come to my house in June I’ll take you to the YMCA to play a game of racquetball, if you are interested. It’s great exercise.

    • Ambrose says:

      I have not played racquetball in at least 34 years. It would not be pretty. At least it would be a very short game. How about golf?

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